Department of Georgia Elected and Appointed Officers

Commander: Carolyn Small

2nd Jr. Vice: Dr. Karen King

Treasurer: Gordon Broddie

Chief of Staff: Willie Davis

Sr. Vice Commander: Emil Kemp

3rd Jr. Vice: Kent Kristopher

Chaplain: Albert Boudy

Inspector General: Freddie Swint

1st Jr. Vice: Sadie Hill

Adjutant: Wanda Daniels

Judge Advocate: Bennie Wilson

Sergeant at Arms: Farris Johnson

Department Executive Committee Chairpersons

Southeast: Cort Nordeoff

Southwest: Alvin Jones

Finance Committee: Willie Atkinson

Central: Johnny Patterson

Past Commander: Johnny Travis

Finance Committee: Franklin Bell

Blue Hat Chairperson: John Causey

Northeast: Georgena Stacey

Northwest: Manny Loranzo

Finance Committee: Doris Downer